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Titan Armored specializes in armored car cash replenishment to ATMs and ITMs, deposit retrieval, branch courier services, as well as cash vault services. Only Titan Armored takes the added step to ensure that each of our highly skilled employees are also cross trained to repair the equipment they are loading. 

We understand that equally training our staff to repair the equipment gives you the added peace-of-mind guarantee that the equipment will always be in a solid working condition prior to our departure. The Titan Armored team leverages over 250 years of combined management experience. We hire the best people available, and cross-train them on ATMs and ITMs for a seamless cash replenishment experience.

When you choose Titan Armored for your cash handling needs, you get service that has been designed with the needs of financial institutions in mind. Titan Armored is a sister company of QSI and applies the same high standards for customer service for which QSI is known.

“We were glad to get the recommendation about Titan Armored for cash services, and we’re ecstatic that we made the switch to Titan Armored. We can’t say enough about our Titan representative. He is very nice, and Titan Armored has been so much better than the last provider.”


  • Armored Car Cash Replenishment of ATMs and ITMs
  • Deposit Retrieval – Removal of deposits, transportation to branch facility and/or processing the cash deposited by Titan Armored
  • Branch Courier Services – Cash and coin delivery to and from branch locations
  • Coin Wrapping and Currency Processing
  • Smart Safes
  • Cash Vault Services and/or Virtual Vaulting

Plus, additional services available through QSI

  • First and Second Line ATM and ITM Maintenance
  • ATM and ITM Installation
  • Outsourcing – Outsourcing hardware including ATMs, ITMs and TCRs

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