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We have the solutions to your coin and currency processing needs.  For coin sorting and counting, and currency counting, check out the products below.  For TCR currency recycling, click here.

High Capacity Banknote Processing

Award-Winning Banknote Processing Solutions QSI has partnered with G+D to offer high-capacity banknote processing solutions that are compact, efficient and user-friendly. G+D’s BPS® C2 product […]

12 May 2020
Magner 709 Self-Service

The Magner CDS 709 Coin Deposit System counts and sorts all 6 U.S. and can count up to 20 denominations including foreign coins. Coins can […]

27 Nov 2018
Magner 75 Series

The 75 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from MAGNER© – the global leader in desktop currency counters. With a wide range […]

04 Dec 2018
Magner 35S

  The Model 35S Currency Counter is designed for basic currency counting applications, reliability, and simplicity of operation. It is the longest produced, #1 selling […]

04 Dec 2018
Magner 35-3

  One word best describes the Model 35-3… overachiever. It is a compact premium Currency Counter designed for outstanding performance in basic currency processing applications. […]

04 Dec 2018
Magner Ultrascan 2600

  Ultrascan is simple to operate providing the user with a green light for genuine notes and a red light with a buzzer to identify […]

04 Dec 2018
Magner 4 in 1

  Check for fake IDs, Credit Cards, & Counterfeits! MAG II 4 in 1 Authenticators are the most economical and effective safeguards available to determine […]

04 Dec 2018