Fenco Cabinets

200 LINE
FENCO’s 200 Series stand-up (381/2″h) pedestal line offers the versatility you require to design your teller line, back counter and work room. The four different pedestal widths in a variety of drawer/door configurations allow you to maximize the efficiency in your space planning. FENCO offers 16 standard colors to accommodate even the most adventurous interior designers. Custom colors are also available at a nominal upcharge. The pedestals that are shown with locks feature FENCO’s standard interchangeable core deadbolt lock. As noted in our specifications listing, you may upgrade, as a costed option, to either a Best LockTM interchangeable core bolt or snaplock.

600 Line
FENCO’s 600 Series low-boy (277/8″h) pedestal line is manufactured to the exact standard of FENCO’s 200 Series. The 600 Series 277/8″ overall height meets the A.D.A. requirements as set forth by the Federal Government. Designed in three different widths in a variety of drawer/door configurations, the 600 Series pedestal line can also be used as both service desk pedestals or as sit-down pedestals in your operations room. As a costed option, the 600 Series pedestal line is capable of accepting pedestal bases in any height required to meet your design layout. Just let us know what height you’re most comfortable with and we’ll design it for you.