Fortis Locker Modules




  • Add combination lock to Teller Lockers
  • Add dual nose lock to teller lockers
  • Add electronic lock to teller lockers
  • Exterior Finish

Fortis locker modules are used as safe interiors or free standing locker units. Convert a used or existing empty safe into customized configuration, design your Fortis safe interior or design a freestanding unit to organize cash in a vault. Components can be arranged in unlimited combinations to meet your needs. Modules are constructed of sturdy 11 gauge steel body and a 7 gauge steel door with a painted finish. Standard color is G-11 (Platinum). Units can be ordered individually or can be arranged in modules. Each unit is 18” deep. LM-1T (Teller Locker Modules) include single nose locks as standard, Cash locker modules include key locking dials as standard.

Fortis Locker Module brochure