NCR Skimmer Protection

As fraud evolves, you need a new approach to security
Criminals always migrate to the weakest link. As they get smarter, skimming devices get smaller and harder to defeat and your hard cash losses add up. But the reputation of your brand and your customer loyalty are absolutely priceless. NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) is an integrated and scalable anti-skimming security solution that helps you reduce risk and protect your ATM network against the very latest forms of attack. Now and in the future.

Peace of mind from active disruption or jamming
Disruption, or jamming, brings you peace of mind on two fronts. NCR SPS uses multiple jammers that generate not one, but multiple independent, constantly changing sets of random noise that make it virtually impossible for the criminal to isolate the card data. Most importantly, NCR state of health monitoring gives assurance that the disruption functionality is in operation at any point in time.

Real-time intelligence and manageability optimizes availability
Real-time detection of the presence of a fraudulent device on the ATM means that you can manage your response to a potential attack-even before it occurs. For example, with NCR SPS, if a fraudulent device is detected, action can be taken before any cards are compromised. With recommended settings but configurable to a deployer’s unique environment, alerts are managed by your application via XFS or by SNMP via your management system.

There is no need to rush to take the ATM out of service if an attack is suspected. Knowing that jamming, or disruption, is in operation means that your cardholders are protected. You have time to validate the situation and respond if appropriate without impacting availability and consumer convenience.

Targeted protection from the latest skimming devices
NCR SPS has a new bezel design thatfocusesjamming and detection on the actual card data path on the magnetic stripe which means that even the smallest skimming devices can be undermined.

Unique levels of self-defence to outsmart potentialthreats
In-built protection means that NCR SPS is defended against attempts to tamper or disable the anti-skimming functionality. This includes sensors that can detect attempts to drill into the fascia around the card reader area

Designed for investment protection and fast response times to new attacks
With our unique global perspective on ATM crime, NCR understands that crime continually evolves and that any anti-skimming solution should be quickly adaptable to minimize exposure to new threats. NCR SPS achieves this in three ways:

  • NCR SPS has an industry standard expandable bus architecture that enables new sensors or alarm devices to be added in the future to protect from new types of attack without having to replace the SPS module. This means fast response to new threats and a reduction in development and certification cycles.
  • The architecture of NCR SPS is fully configurable. Though recommended settings can be used, these can also be reconfigured to a deployer’s unique environment or adapted to address future threats as they emerge. Examples of default settings include transaction timeout or the length of time the jamming functionality operates following detection of a skimming device.
  • NCR SPS is designed with programable hardware using Field Programmable Gateway Array (FPGA) architecture and downloadable software. This means for example that the jammer could be repurposed to counter new forms of attack with a new or more sophisticated jamming signal.