NCR SelfServ 28

NCR SelfServ 28 NCR SelfServ 28 NCR SelfServ 28 NCR SelfServ 28
  • Small footprint
  • Vandal-resistant glass
  • Insulated cabinet with weatherized fascia
  • Internal door alarm options
  • CSunlight readable display
  • NCR 2ST™ two-sided thermal printing technology

The only fully weatherized, freestanding ATM on the market
To achieve leadership in a consumer-facing market, your brand has to be available wherever your customers are; the NCR SelfServ™ 28 can provide that availability. The SelfServ 28 is designed to be easily deployed and redeployed anywhere—indoors or outdoors—with minimal infrastructure requirements providing maximum brand exposure, transaction volumes and revenue combined with a low cost of ownership.

The SelfServ 28 is the industry’s only fully weatherized, freestanding cash dispense ATM and is an ideal complement to a bank’s existing ATM network as it can go wherever a bank’s customers need service, without the need to build a structure to house the ATM.

With both wired and wireless connectivity, NCR’s newest ATM needs only a power outlet to operate and does not require a structure to protect it from the weather – making it more environmentally friendly by eliminating the carbon footprint of offsite buildings.