NCR SelfServ 37

NCR 80 Series SelfServ 37
  • Display–15” LCD touchscreen, optional privacy filter, sunlight readable displays
  • Keyboard—EPP (PCI compliant), polycarbonate or stainless steel
  • Card Reader—Track 2 or 3 Track IMCRW with CROPF, smart and dip
  • 2-4 cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability
  • Scalable Deposit Module–1 slot for cash and check deposit. Can handle check and cash as a separate transaction but also as a mixed media deposit (SW dependent). Up to 2,000 notes and 1,600 checks capacity
  • Receipt Printer–80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer with capture. Options—retract, dual roll and/or 2ST (two-sided printing)

The only weatherized, freestanding full-function walk-up atm on the market
The NCR SelfServ 37™ is a weatherized full-function walk-up ATM that is built for off premise deployment. Designed to extend the reach of your branch, deploy anywhere without the need or expense of any dedicated housing. The NCR SelfServ37 is designed to be installed and operated in compliance with the ADA and is a cost effective implementation option for financial institutions. You can deploy to any exterior location with ease and achieve maximum brand exposure, closer proximity to customers generating higher transaction volumes combined with a lower cost of ownership in a compact footprint. Learn more about the new S2 Media Dispense Module available for this unit. The NCR SelfServ 37 is currently available only in the USA.