NCR SelfServ 14CE

NCR SelfServ 14CE NCR SelfServ 14CE
  • High-capacity, spray dispenser
  • 10” widescreen LCD
  • 18” backlit topper
  • Fully recessed PCI compliant Encrypting PIN Pad
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7

Attract more customers in more locations
Specifically designed for the independent ATM deployer market the SelfServ™ 14CE is the ideal inside ATM machine solution for both CIT and merchant fill business models. The SelfServ 14CE is a compact, interior cash dispenser that offers a very low total cost of ownership. With the smallest footprint in the SelfServ range the inside ATM machine is ideal for independent deployers looking to deploy in convenience stores and a wide range of off-premise locations.

Built upon the WINCE 6.0 operating system and APTRA Base entry level software, this solution is the perfect offer for any cost conscious independent deployer. With its proven and reliable 3 high spray based cash dispenser, the SelfServ 14CE can hold over 6,000 notes, thus minimizing replenishment cycles and delivering a solution that can turn a profit even at very low transaction volumes. The addition of a backlit topper panel provides additional advertising capabilities enabling you to attract more customers.