NCR Mobile Banking Solutions

NCR Mobile Banking Solutions NCR Mobile Banking Solutions
  • Complete user choice with text alerts,text banking and mobile web applications—plus multi-channel capable enrollment
  • Multi-mode capability integrated into one product for efficiency and speed to market
  • Seamless auto-detection of handsets
  • Proven, award-winning technology platform
  • Configurable and customizable platform for tailored applications with reduced costs and speed to market

Reach more customers with the best mobile banking experience possible
With almost 80% of the world’s population now connected to a mobile network, the consumer demand for mobile banking is reaching critical mass. Mobile banking is rapidly becoming a key component in the mix of channels that a financial institution offers its customers, enabling “anytime and anywhere” connectivity and the ability to create a real-time, personalized experience. NCR APTRA Mobile Banking provides your customers with an experience that’s easy to use—and it gives you a worry-free, cost-effective mobile banking solution that protects your brand and technology investment and helps you stand out from your competitors.

NCR delivers the best user experience
NCR provides a user interface that is optimized for the consumer device, so there’s no need to worry about which handset your customers are using or any other technology barriers. NCR APTRA Mobile Banking delivers mobile banking service in the most commonly used modes, all with a single implementation: Text alerts, Text banking Mobile web applications

NCR supports the broadest customerreach
With the ability to reach consumers in over 150 countries and on 600 wireless networks, you can be confident that APTRA Mobile Banking will allow you to communicate with your customers, wherever they are.

Fast adoption rates
With the combination of an optimized user interface and broad customer reach, APTRA Mobile Banking ensures that you will maximize the consumer adoption of your mobile banking services. NCR can also help you drive even higher adoption rates with multichannel marketing campaigns. Whether you want banner ads on your online banking website, customized e-mail campaigns, or ads on your ATMs, NCR can deliver a multi-channel marketing campaign to your customers that will drive higher mobile banking usage.

Personalized, multi-channelfunctionality
The NCR APTRA Mobile Banking platform enables multi-channel functionality that can be customized and configured by the individual customer. With innovative functions—such as mobile deposit capture, mobile payments and e-receipts—you can provide your customers with a service that brings the best of the web, ATM and branch channels straight onto their phone.

Extendable technology platform
With NCR APTRA Mobile Banking you get a proven, innovative technology platform and a partner you can trust. NCR combines its 125 years of financial industry experience with our award-winning, tried-and-tested mobile platform that scales to the evolving needs of any financial institution, regardless of size. What’s more, NCR APTRA Mobile Banking will seamlessly link to other financial services, such as remote deposit capture, payments and e-wallet applications, protecting your investment and making it easier as you continue to introduce new mobile consumer services.

Enhanced cost of ownership
NCR APTRA Mobile Banking is designed with customer configuration in mind, right from the start. This configuration capability reduces the additional expense of customization and extra development. The multi-mode approach is delivered in a single integration effort to ensure reduced management overheads—protecting your bottom line.

Information integrity and user security
End-to-end security covers data integrity and user security, including tiered functionality, two-factor authentication and user control.