Interior ATMs

NCR SelfServ 14

NCR SelfServ14 Drive-up ATM

Specifically designed for off-premise and banking locations, the NCR SelfServ 14 is a compact, interior cash dispenser that offers a very low total cost of ownership.

NCR SelfServ 14CE

NCR SelfServ14ce Drive-up ATM

With the smallest footprint in the SelfServ range the SelfServ 14CE is ideal for independent deployers looking to deploy in convenience stores and a wide range of off-premise locations.

NCR SelfServ 16

NCR SelfServ16 Drive-up ATM

With its compact footprint the SelfServ 16 can be deployed into a broader range of locations where floor space is at a premium, successfully serving more customers.

NCR SelfServ 22

NCR SelfServ22 Drive-up ATM

The NCR SelfServā„¢ 22 is a compact freestanding inside ATM machine ideal for either bank branches or other inside locations.

NCR SelfServ 32

NCR SelfServ32 Drive-up ATM

Designed with medium to high transaction usage in mind, the NCR SelfServ 32 dispenses cash as well as accepting cash and check deposits and offers a broad range of other services.