IsoTec Security Vestibule


  • Highest Commercial Security
  • Customized Functionality
  • Cost effective and safe security
  • Standard or Site-Specific Designs
  • Up to Level III (.44 magnum) protection
  • Color Touchscreen Console
  • FAA Rated Metal Detector
  • High Security Doors

Isotec’s ADAAG and ANSI ATT, Two Lane, Weapons Control Systems, have been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology. Our safe and effective system provides a weapons control lane and an exit lane to accommodate higher traffic facilities. An anti-retrack function built into the system prevents persons from entering through the exit lane. The ADAAG is wind rated above 160 MPH and can be built to withstand a .44 Magnum round at 1950 fps.

IsoTec ADAAG/ANSI Brochure
IsoTec ANSI ATT description
IsoTec ADAAG description