Simplify Operations and Reduce Cash-Related Cost With QSI LOGICASH

Get denomination-level just-in-time cash order recommendations for your ATM and ITM fleet.

LOGICASHTM is built upon 30+ years’ experience. Unlike most cash forecasting services, LOGICASH benefits from CIT provider input and partnership with Titan Armored. LOGICASH brings the QSI standard of quality service delivery to cash forecasting thereby filling a much-needed service to complete the cash delivery-cash consumption cycle, lowering cash-related costs, and simplifying ATM cash operations.


  • LOGICASH receives cash consumption data from Titan Armored reporting actual cash dispensed amounts by machine and denomination.
  • LOGICASH incorporates holiday and event dates and data that impact customer cash demand.
  • LOGICASH tracks to your desired residual cash percentage you define based upon your business requirements for balancing risk with minimal service-interruption.  Lower residual cash inherently comes with increased chance of service interruption due to low-cash or out-of-cash scenarios.
  • LOGICASH automatically recommends cash orders on the service schedule you have with Titan Armored. It is also configurable to allow for future efficiencies and changes.


  • LOGICASH reduces your ATM cash costs by controlling inventory.
  • Cumulative ATM inventory reductions translates into reduced cash costs at the vault level.
  • Understanding weekly cash demand facilitates service schedule efficiencies and CIT cost reduction
  • Analysis of holiday fluctuations will decrease potential e-cash costs at critical times

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