• Approximately 800 coins/per minute
  • 2 lines, 20 characters LCD display
  • Automatically off sorts foreign coins, tokens or slugs from the coin mix
  • Programmable exact bag stops

Designed for ease of use and rugged performance, the Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter processes mixed coin at speeds up to 700 coins per minute. Using advanced alloy sensor technology the Pelican can also off-sort unwanted coins or objects from the coin mix.

In a tabletop or full bagging configuration, the Pelican 305 provides outstanding value for mid-range sorting applications.

The Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter was developed for mixed coin applications that demand high levels of accuracy and reliability.

The unit counts and sorts the six U.S. Coin Denominations providing batch and grand total accumulation along with individual denomination totals. It’s built in state of the art Alloy Sensor allows the automatic off-sorting of foreign and damaged coins, tokens, and slugs.

Bag stops are exact and user programmable. The Pelican sorter can be configured as a counter-top sorter with coin drawers or can be set up on a stand to facilitate the bagging of up to five coin denominations.

The Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter can also be configured with coin tubing adapters for coin packaging applications.

To complete your coin processing center, a journal printer can also be added to the configuration. Select either a free-standing unit or one that is built-in on the Pelican Model 305P

Magner Pelican 305S+ Brochure