March Networks

The March Networks powerful suite of  video surveillance products help financial institutions proactively target fraud, skimming and other crimes with high quality video evidence and intelligent software tools. Lightning-fast search capabilities help you find evidence quickly, cutting investigation times and costs.

Searchlight for Banking

Searchlight’s advanced search and investigation tools let you search across multiple branches simultaneously, and filter data by card number, account number, or transaction type. Match transactions with corresponding receipts and video snapshots to resolve customer disputes, verify facts or find evidence of theft or fraud.

Searchlight integrates with several devices to deliver business intelligence that can help you improve customer service and speed up fraud investigations.

8000 Series Hybrid NVRs

Transition from analog to IP video surveillance with the powerful 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs from March Networks.  These embedded Linux-based devices are purpose-built to record video 24/7, with a host of advanced features to safeguard your data and streamline the task of finding video evidence.  Enjoy worry-free coverage with the recorders’ internal battery backup system and hard drive mirroring. As an added bonus, the 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs come fully licensed for all video channels, so no software licenses are required.

IP Cameras

Choose from a portfolio of high-quality IP cameras for the most reliable and clear video surveillance – no matter what your application.

Command Video Management Software

Flexible, scalable and easy to use, Command VMS platforms will save you time and simplify your video surveillance system management