NCR SelfServ 84 Walk-up Exterior Through-the-Wall Multi-Function ATM

NCR SelfServ™ 84 Walk-Up Exterior Through-the-Wall Multi-Function ATM

The SelfServ 84 is premium exterior through-the-wall multifunction ATM from NCR. Designed to retrofit in most existing wall openings, the SelfServ 84 handles very high transaction volumes.  Fully weatherized, it offers your customers a wide range of transactions like mixed cash and check deposit and bill payment.


As a multi-function, through-the-wall style ATM, the SelfServ 84 may be ordered in a cash dispense only mode, as a deposit imaging ATM, and as ITM-ready.  Mixed cash and check deposit and bill payment are among the benefits of the dynamic features offered by NCR.  With built-in heating and air conditioning, the 84 is made for severe conditions and may be used in kiosks, interior, or exterior walk-up placements. We can provide a branded canopy to protect your customers from the elements while they conduct transactions without having to leave the car.

19″ LCD Multi-Touch Display

Consumer camera and cash slot camera

Up to 60 note bunch capacity dispense

Card reader with built-in fraud prevention

Dual roll, 2-sided thermal printing

Accepts up to 100 mixed items (checks & cash) in a single transaction

What makes QSI different?

We include skimming protection on every ATM and ITM we sell.

We have the latest in compliance solutions for remote patch management and anti-virus.

Contact us for a quote on the NCR SelfServ™ 82 and be sure to ask about our service!

Service Includes

  • Communication faults
  • Cash handler errors
  • Acts of God
  • Remote reboot
  • Remote updates and software fixes
  • Anti-Virus Updates
  • Compliance reporting
  • 24/7/365 Access to call history and status

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