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Since 2015, QSI has offered remote managed services through our RMC platform.  This has become an increasingly important and valued aspect of QSI’s end-to-end services and support structure we offer for our customers as availability demands and security risks continue to change and grow.  QSI is constantly evaluating changes to industry and individual customer requirements, new security threats and vulnerabilities, to improve upon current services as well as introduce new services to address these changing needs.

With the Remote Management Console (RMC), QSI offers support for three key areas: performance, compliance and security, and marketing for banking equipment including ATMs, ITMs, TCRs, DVRs, ITM Servers, Check Image Server (TG), Teller Workstations and more.

With the remote RMC Performance Support, QSI ensures that errors and equipment or software failures are analyzed and handled quickly and efficiently.  Through RMC CyberSuite Compliance and Security Services, equipment remains compliant and secure.  Finally, with RMC Marketing Support, marketing campaigns are delivered in a more timely and efficient manner.


RMC Performance Support Services

To maximize availability of equipment, remote resolution capabilities are imperative.  With RMC, QSI remotely analyzes faults generated at the unit and makes every attempt to remotely resolve issues which can drastically improve the uptime of equipment.  When an error is presented, QSI immediately remotely logs into the terminal to analyze the fault data to make quick decisions on the best way to proceed to get the unit back up and running in the quickest, most efficient manner.

RMC provides the following performance management services:

  • Troubleshooting and clearing faults
  • Remote reboot
  • Log retrieval and analysis
  • Auto dispatch to Field Engineers where onsite support is required
  • Escalation to Enhanced Support Desk, when needed, in support of field services technicians


RMC CyberSuite Compliance and Security Services

With RMC CyberSuite Services, QSI ensures equipment receives timely and regularly scheduled software patches and updates per manufacturer recommendations.  In addition, QSI offers a robust set of security services which work to protect against other physical and logical attacks.  By taking advantage of QSI’s CyberSuite Security Services, equipment is secure against cyber and other nefarious criminal attacks.  QSI reports and documentation can be used for evidence of compliancy as well.

In addition to the below individual services, QSI RMC customers receive 24×7 SOC (Service Operations Center) support.  This is an around the clock security monitoring center to detect, analyze, notify, respond, and resolve security breach incidents.

The QSI RMC CyberSuite services below can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

  • Software and Patch Management – Remote Microsoft Security Patching completed monthly (as available) and software updates and hotfixes performed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  This ensures that equipment is running the most current software with the latest updates and security elements, the first level of security protection.
  • Image Management – QSI is unique in the market to provide to every customer Image Management, which allows for a full image to be stored digitally at the ATM, and updates are downloaded remotely nightly with the latest SW updates and security patches.  By ensuring the most current software image is always retrievable and, on the ATM, onsite software reloads (when necessary) are much quicker and more efficient.
  • EndPoint Protection and Antivirus – In addition to using the latest Anti-Virus software to scan and identify known viruses and malware, QSI utilizes Endpoint detection and response (EDR), also known as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR).  This is an integrated endpoint security solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities. The primary functions of QSI’s EDR security system are to:
    • Monitor and collect activity data from endpoints that could indicate a threat
    • Analyze this data to identify threat patterns
    • Automatically respond to identified threats to remove or contain them
    • Notify security personnel
    • Use forensics and analysis tools to research identified threats and search for suspicious activities
  • Whitelisting Service – Application Whitelisting (AWL) permits only authenticated system files to execute on the unit.  This helps protect the system against vulnerabilities including zero-day attacks. Application Whitelisting is the gold standard when it comes to blocking ransomware, viruses, and other software-based threats.  QSI Whitelisting is a low management, fast to deploy Application Whitelisting and Ringfencing solution that puts your business in control over what software is running on endpoints and servers.
  • BIOS Password Management – Remotely locks down units against attacks from external media, such as a CD or USB, attempting to boot directly at the unit.
  • Hard Disk Encryption – Prevents offline malware security attacks and protects against a data breach. Also protects data at rest if the hard disk from the unit is stolen.
  • Electronic Journal (EJ) Downloads – Electronic Journals are available for viewing and downloading anytime through a secure link.  Various retention lengths are available depending on requirements.


RMC Marketing Support

Through the RMC, QSI offers marketing campaign support.  Many FIs like the ability to display unique marketing campaigns in different markets or in support of different seasonal or calendar opportunities.  QSI remotely downloads marketing campaigns to ATMs/ITMs. In addition to a standard offer, QSI’s flexible program can allow for various frequency and complexity and help with content creation if required.