Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

NVRs capture high-quality video images from analog, IP, and megapixel cameras. Its new feature includes HD-over-coax to help streamline high-definition video over coaxial cable.  This provides you a more complete view of events and operations and a more efficient, time-saving approach to security and operational efficiency. It also allows you to protect your investment by using current analog infrastructures and easily adding IP cameras for additional coverage. The video quality adds more accuracy when investigating cases and the lower bit rate helps save on storage.

Verint EdgeVMS Vid-Center™ allows devices to easily interface with security, banking and retail. A unified video viewing application helps users search video by time, date, transaction, or event.  This yields a more complete understanding of the context in which events occur and enables you to tailor recording according to the information these systems provide.

Verint EdgeVMS Op-Center™ offers you an enterprise platform for the central configuration, management and monitoring of your EdgeVR network.  Management, staff, and system administrators can monitor, manage, and troubleshoot their Verint NVRs from a central location.

IP Cameras

The Verint IP camera portfolio combines excellent video quality with ultra-efficient bandwidth management and comes in a variety of form factors — from fixed body and pan/tilt/zoom cameras to indoor and all-weather IP domes — to accommodate virtually any budget and video surveillance application. Superior high-definition video resolution and customizable multi-streaming compression formats ensure excellent performance with easy-to-install technology.


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